Looking for Gift Giving Ideas?

From birthdays to Christmas, we get asked for gift ideas, so we thought it would be a good idea to create a wish list for each member of the family. We try to keep them up to date, but feel free to check in with us if you are not sure about anything on the list.

Liam's Wish List

Liam is still obsessed with D&D. I can’t imagine where he gets that. He is still very interested in video games, and Minecraft too. Liam is saving money with the hopes of getting an appartment with a couple of friends, so if you want to contribute to that, he would greatly appreciate it.

Laura's Wish List

Laura has found she really enjoys home improvement, renovation and power tools. Watch out… She’s got a chainsaw!

Leah's Wish List

Leah is trying to slim down the stuff she has in her room. She if finally understanding that more stuff=more work. So… IT’S A CLOTHING & ACCESSORIES CHRISTMAS!!!!
Shoes: 8.5 US | Waist: 31.5 | 32.5 inseam | Ankle Length: 39

FYI – She likes her clothes a little baggy.

Leah is interested in getting into DM’ing for her friends, so there are a couple of D&D books added to the bottom of her list to help her along.

#1 want… Shopping trip to buy clothes! 

Robert's Wish List

Cat's Wish List

Plus a couple of suggestions ’cause she don’t always respond when I ask, “Whatcha want for xmas?”