Magic Swords: Kutchek & Gore (Homebrew)

Kutchek n Gore homebrew Magic swords for D&DThe twin Dwarven smiths Kutchek and Gore forged these swords and poured their hearts and soles into them, literally.  These scimitars are sentient weapons. Their names are Kutchek and Gore. Their personalities are boisterous and their humor cunningly crude.

Twin Scimitars – melee weapon (martial, sword)
Legendary (unique), Requires Attunement (single slot)

Personality trait 1: Where there’s a bar there’s hope.
Personally trait 2: You mess with mine, you mess with me.
Personality trait 3: we like ’em ‘stocky and harry… you gotta have som’tin ta holt on ta!
Bond: You and we makes three, a happy family. Ain’t nothin’ gonna take that away.
Flaw: Get over yer’self! Everyone with eyes can see we are the best lookin’ thing in this bar. Now give us a snog!
Languages: Common and Dwarven, communicates telepathically with the wielder once attuned.
Immunities: Fire, poison, petrification, fear
Resistances: cold, acid
Damage: 1d6 slashing +1d4 force

Int: 14 | Wis 11 | Cha: 13 | AL: CG 

The wielder becomes proficient with the swords after Attunement and gains the dual wielder feat per the PHB. Non-marshal characters may use their primary class attack bonus when attacking with these swords. For example, a wizard would use their spell attack bonus. 

The swords have 3 charges. They regain 1d3 charges each day at dawn and 1 charge whenever either sword destroys a magic item. Charges can be used for any of the following effects: 

Aggressive Attack (1 charge): The wielder adds 2d6 to both attack and damage rolls for all attacks until the end of their turn.

Forging Blow (2 changes): the wielder adds their strength and constitution bonuses to both attack and damage to all attacks until the end of their turn. They crit on a 19 or 20. Magic items struck while this is active suffer the effects of Shatter per the PHB.

Defenders (3 charges): the swords take flight and attack autonomously. They share the initiative roll of the wielder. They have a flight speed of 40 feet. The wielder can communicate with the swords telepathically; however, the swords choose their own actions and movements. This effect lasts for up to 1 hour.

If the attuned character is rendered unconscious or affected by any status effect that prevents them from defending themselves AND at least 1 charge is available, the swords will automatically defend the character per the Defenders ability above.

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