Creating New Characters​

If you are new to Dungeons & Dragons and want to get started creating a character, here is a quick primer and a few tools to help you get things going as quick as possible. 

I highly recommend for rolling up your character the first few times. This can take a multi-hour process and walk you through it in under an hour. The site will also save your characters, if you setup a free account.

Character Sheets​

In case you have not already have a D&D 5e character sheet, here is a link to a printable PDF or a set of pre-printed of character sheets. If you are using OrcPub2 or one of the other online character generators, they will provide you a printable PDF version of your character sheet when you are done rolling it up.


The Player’s Handbook has a section on creating new characters. In general it assumes you will roll your character stats, pick a race, create your character history, select some personality traits then pick a class. Each class and race will give you unique ways to customize your character.

Most players usually do this in a different order. They decide what type of character they want to play. They choose the class that best fits their vision for the character then choose the a race that provides the best benefits for their character concept. After that, they roll their stats, fill in their back story and fill their inventory with starting equipment.

Creating a Backstory​

Backstories and character histories are complicated and have an impact on your starting equipment. The Player’s Handbook has an extensive list of backgrounds and personality traits to choose from. Later on, you will want to make up your own, more in-depth character history.

One important thing to keep in mind is that your backstory should not make it seem like the most important things in your character’s life have already happened. Remember that this is the beginning of the epic tail of your character’s life. Your character needs a reason to have left that life behind and they need room to grow into the awesome hero of the realm they are destined to become.

Starting Equipment​

Your character may have left with the shirt on their back, or they may have a full set of armor and weapons. Your character class, starting money and background will impact what equipment you have to start off. In general, you will have clothes, armor, a weapon, a back pack and some miscellaneous other items.

The Player’s Handbook has a section for starting equipment to make this process easy. The Orc Pub character generator makes it VERY easy.

Getting Started

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