Brilgar's Force Rain

Level: 5
Class: Wizard, Warlock, Sorcerer
Range: 150 ft
Area: 30 ft radius (cyldendar)
Components: V, S, M*
Duration: Up to 1 minute with concentration
School: Conjuration
Save: Dex save at spell casters’ DC for 1/2 damage on save
Damage/Effect: Variable – 3d6 (table A) + 3d6 (table B) per combat round + 1d4+1 per 5 feet traveled while within the area of affect.

The caster places a ring of at least 250 gp value between their teeth and blows gently while making the ASL sign for rain.

Ring Metal/Damage Type Table A
Gold (Bludgeoning)
Silver (Piercing)
Platinum (Slashing)

Gem Type/Damage Types Table B
Emerald (Acid)
Diamond (Radiant)
Opal (Force)
Obsidian (Poison)
Ruby (Fire)
Saphire (Cold)

The caster creates a 30ft radius zone of magical hail in a space they can see, up to 150 ft away. The area must have at least 30 feet of vertical height for the spell to work. The hail takes on the visual appearance as chosen by the caster, but it must be visually representative of the type of damage being done. For example, a rain of glowing green daggers for piercing & acid damage using a silver ring with an emerald gemstone.

The spell may be upcast. For each level of upcasting, the ring value increase by, 250 gp and the damage increases by 1D6 (Table A) and 1d6 (table B) combat round + 1d4+1 per 5 feed traveled while within the area of effect.

The heroic, if somewhat lonely Kobald wizard Brilgar is credited with the creation of this spell. Only The Resplendent One knows why, and he’s not telling.

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2 Responses

  1. Cool spell. I’m not up on 5e much but I love original spells, items and monsters. After reading it, I thought, ‘A kobold invented a 5th level spell?!’ That would never happen in my old school campaign, but I guess that’s the difference. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. I completely understand. I started playing back in ’79 when the only thing a kobold was good for was giving low-level characters some XP or tracking back to a lair/dungeon. The idea that they would be playable characters never entered my mind. Brilgar the Kobold was meant to be a throwaway character for one of the kids while the player got their “real” character sheet done. That’s a story worthy of its own post :-). He has actually turned out to be two of the most powerful characters in the game…again, long story there.

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