Homebrew Items: Cloak of Bees

Close examination of this cloak shows it to be ornately stitched and stitched with jeweled bees. The size and type of bees varies depending on the cloak. Once per day, the cloak grants the wearer the ability to dissolve into a pile of bees equal in mass to their original form for up to one hour, including all clothing and carried equipment. The swarm of bees are under control of the wearer and can move and attack as normal bees.

Dead bees must be gathered into the swarm or their mass will be removed from the character or the character’s equipment upon reintegration. The character may choose how to prioritize the reconstruction of their body and equipment.

Type of Cloak:

Cloak of Honey Bees – These bees are have highly developed sense of smell. They are able deliver a painful sting 1/100 hp. Flight speed of 30 ft.

Cloak of Bumble Bees– These are large bees with a highly developed sense of smell. They deliver a very painful sting 1/10 hp. Flight speed of 20 ft.

Cloak of Giant Beesper the home brew wiki

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