DMingDad's Dungeon Master's Campaign Notebook


Dungeon Master's Campaign Notebook

The OFFICIAL DMingDad Dungeon Master's Notebook is Coming Soon to Amazon. Keep track of all your NPC's, homebrew magic items & spells, maps and even the player character's important stats & notes.

UPDATE: Sorry for the delay on publishing this one. We are having a problem with Amazon’s staff being a little inconsistant with enforcing the copyright and trademark rules. Basically, they listed, then delisted and perma-banned the book because we used “Dungeon Master’s” in the title and “Dungeons & Dragons” in the recommended search keywords. We have retitled, recovered, and relisted the book. We will update the purchase link as soon as it is approved.

If you would be interested in a printable PDF version of the book, please contact us. If there is enough interest, we will work it out.

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