DM Tip: Less Dice Can Be More Fun...

Weapon damage chartFace it, all those dice can be intimidating. Roll a d20 for this and a 3d6 for that and 2d8 for the other thing… don’t forget to roll 3d4 and add 3 for … UGH! Kids love rolling those dice, but it can get a little frustrating keeping track of which dice they need to roll. So, here’s a solution, simplify it down to 2 types of dice per character. All you need is 2 d20s and one other kind of die.
Here are some examples:
You have a fighter that does 1d8. It doesn’t matter if that is with an ax, sword, or bow. They get their strength bonus for the ax and sword and dex bonus for the bow. This means the fighter only needs 2d20s and 2d8 to play.
The Wizard? He rolls d6s for the “attack” spell(s) damage. Want to track spell slots? Give the wizard a set amount of six-sided dice and have them put the dice in a bag or jar after they roll them. Want to track different spells? Give each spell its own color d6s. When they run out of d6s, they have run out of magic. With this system, the wizard only needs 2d20s and a hand full of d6s.
As the DM, you can manage all the complicated stuff and let the kids focus on their favorite parts of the game.

Are You A Dice Dragon?

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