Custom D&D Character Art Pack

Please use the form below to submit your request for a custom Dungeons & Dragons character sheet and custom character art from DMingDad. One character pack is free for “BBEG / BGG” and “Miniature Maniac” levels Patreon supporters. Non-patreon supports can request custom characters and DMingDad will confirm your request and send payment information via email.

Art Samples and FAQ Click Here.

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I am very backlogged on custom character art requests.
I am not accepting new requests at the moment.
Thank you for being patient while I catch up.

Custom Character Sheet and Art FAQ

At the moment we are running about 1 to 2 MONTHS for production. DMingDad and our support team all have full-time jobs and families. We typically work Friday to Sunday on DMingDad related projects. One of our artists works part time through the week and can get artwork done during the week. If you are quick to respond to any questions and can approve your artwork or send us recommendations for improvement quickly, you could have your character in as little as 2 days.

Using the information you provide, DMingDad will create a custom character sheet with custom character art. As an added bonus you can request custom t-shirts, hoodies, notebooks, coffee mugs, and wall art. You will get a PDF character sheet and a digital copy of the art.

DMingDad provides a wide selection of art styles from kids cartoons & anime to photo realistic. We don’t do any “not safe for work” style artwork (not negotiable). Check out our character art gallery for some examples. Feel free to use those for your character sheet, if you already have one. 

We will provide you with 4, low resolution character art options for the first round. You can choose to modify your character’s description once.

You can request we create up to a total of 12 character concepts based on your character description. You may choose any one of the character art pieces for your personal use.

Additional rounds of art concepts are available at an additional charge for each round of revisions.

No “not safe for work” art. This is not negotiable.

You can’t be too specific about clothing items or text. You can ask for an ornate necklace, but you can’t ask us for a specific necklace.

We work with AI art generators and we will use our extensive experience to generate a character that fits with your vision of your character within the limits imposed on us by our various AI art generators.

Yes, if you provide us with at least 3 photos of the face you want us to use on the character art, we will create your character with your face. Usually 3 to 5 photos is enough to fill this request.

We produce your character art for you. We own the copyright, so you can’t resell it or go and create a Disney style empire based on our work. We grant you exclusive right to use the artwork for any non-commercial use. IF you choose, we can make your character sheet and art available for general download and use. All tangible product character art like t-shirts are publicly accessible and available for purchase by anyone via our TeeSpring store. As the original customer, we provide you with a discount code that gets you a better price than the general public on those tangible products.

DMingDad may use any rejected character art for any purpose they choose.

We use to create and save custom character sheets. We love those guys so much we support them on Patreon.

If you have a little artistic skill or scrapbooking experience, designing a custom character sheet is fairly easy. Just download a free character sheet to make sure that you have all of the necessary elements included in the design. We have had some great luck with scrapbooking supplies. 

Yes, has a free option. The free version is advertising supported.

Absolutely! Use the form on this page to get started. DMingDad will make you a custom character sheet complete with custom character art. It is free for “Patron of The Arts” level Patreon supports and there is a $75 fee for non-patrons.

Yes, there are several character sheets apps. I prefer to use the website because it allows me to track multiple characters, create parties and so much more. There are many apps in the Google Play and iTunes store as well.

The core character traits like Intelligence, Strength etc are not copyrighted. The artwork and layout of some character sheets are copyrighted. DMingDad uses the standard and Icewind Dale character sheet designs. 

DnD isn’t a board game, but we often use dry erase grid posters along with scatter terrain to help play. It’s a good idea to check out a few YouTube channels like Black Magic Crafts. If that looks too intimidating, go to your local comic & games store and see what they have. Here is a link to some good stuff on Amazon (affiliate link).

Beginners with the help of an experienced player to guide them can usually create a character sheet in about an hour or two depending on the class. DMingDad takes about 2 to 3 hours to create the entire character pack which includes artwork, backstory, and even character art t-shirts and notebooks.

I had to include this question because we get it a lot. It is off topic for this page so, I am going to refer you to our YouTube and blog for more complete answers.

Sample Custom Character Sheets & Character Art

Click on the images below to view some free samples of custom character sheets and products designs that can be part of your art pack.