Dwarves and Elves and Halflings...Oh My!

Being a fantasy game, Dungeons & Dragons has about every fantastical race you can think of to choose from as a player. This blog will not cover ALL of the character races because it is intended as an introduction to the game. All of the races we discus here can be found the the Player’s Handbook. Other races can be found in optional books like Volo’s Guide to Monsters and other D&D guides.


Imagine a dragon crossed with a human. They don’t have tails or wings, but they do have scales and a breath weapon. Dragonborn are a very strong and charismatic character race.


Not merely small humans, Dwarves are skilled warriors, miners, blacksmiths and stonemasons. Dwarfs are know for their strong constitution and ability to see in the dark.


The elegant and long lived elves are an interesting race to play. Due to their long lives, they tend to shy away from relationships with other races. They are dexterous and have keen senses.


Enthusiastic and inquisitive, Gnomes are perhaps the closest of the D&D races to real-world human children. They are small, cunning, brave and intelligent.


Charismatic and adventurous, half-elves combine the best of both their human and elven ancestor. Long-lived and curious, half-elves can make for a very solid character in any class.


Navigating a world where almost everyone and everything is a giant comparison, halflings typically survive by going unnoticed. They are dexterous, lucky and brave. Don’t forget that part about being lucky!


A monstrous class for sure, the half-orc is strong, hearty and aggressive. They are relentless and savage fighters. If you are looking for a face-to-face battler, half-orcs are a great choice.


Humans are the most flexible of the player character races as well as the most common. What the lack in lifespan, they make up for in ambition and tenacity.


Cursed for their ancestors’ demonic pact, Teiflings are mistrusted and feared by most. They are charismatic and intelligent characters that can be fun to play.


Although not part of the character races in the Player’s Handbook, the Tabaxi are my favorite monster character race. They are curious, mercurial, dexterous and charismatic. 

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