Getting Started with D&D - D&D Beginner's Guide

Looking for an easy-to-understand guide to D&D 5e? Here is DMingDad’s guide to learning and playing Dungeons & Dragons with kids. This is a guide for how to play D&D on “easy mode” where we break the game down to it’s simplest form.

Frequently Asked DnD Questions

It’s fun and easy to get started. Grab a friend and check out our tutorials below. Your going to need paper, pencils, imagination, and some dice. One person will be the DM and act as the story teller and rules referee. Everyone else will play a character in the story. Each character gets a race (species), class (job), abilities (how strong/smart your are), some skills (like animal handling) and equipment (like camping equipment, clothes and boots). Then you go on an adventure to explore dungeons and craft an epic story.

Get started learning to play Dungeons & Dragons here. Below are links to various tutorials, videos and how-to’s.

Yes, it is easy to learn D&D. Don’t let all the books, dice and rules intimidate you. Your DM and fellow players will help you get through the first couple of sessions. Your DM will help you get your character setup and walk you through the character sheet.

A typical game will last a few hours, usually 3 to 5 hours with a few breaks. A quick game may only take an hour or two. Then there is the epic weekend marathon sessions that may go for days with breaks for naps and snacks.

Actually yes. It takes a little effort, but there are more and more solo adventures coming out these days. These adventures are setup much like a choose your own adventure book. If you are a skilled DM, you could easily put together a solo game.

I have to say that playing in a group is much more fun.

Interestingly, I find reading through a module and preparing for DMing a game is a lot like playing D&D by myself. I have to think about what it will be like for the player characters to go through the game. I try to anticipate how the players will react and how I will narrate the encounters.

D&D is a cooperative story telling adventure game. Be prepared to tell a story and role-play your character (aka play pretend).

When your DM looks at you and asks, “So, what are you going to do?” be prepared to explain how you are going to explore, search, or engage with the other characters. Tell your character’s part of the story.

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Get Started Here

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