A Dungeons & Dragons Easter Adventure

UPDATED 04/2023

A family-friendly D&D adventure for characters of 1st to 5th level

Almiraj dungeons and dragons bunny uniconThis is an adventure suitable for any level character. It relies on investigation, exploration and role playing to solve the mystery of the missing eggs.

The player characters are awakened by the innkeeper pounding on their door(s) at the break of dawn. First thing this morning, excited farmers arrived at the inn with tales of an egg stealing bunnycorn. The large rabbit with a unicorn horn was seen leaving chicken coops on multiple farms. In the dim morning light, farmers saw the strange animal dive into the ground. When they went to investigate, all they found was small round piles of recently dug dirt. Upon entering the chicken coups, the farmers found all of the chicken eggs were missing. 

Fearing for the safety of their chickens, the farmers have come to town to report the incidents and seek help. The farmers want the help of the adventurers to find the eggs and rid them of the invading bunnycorns.

Solving the Mystery

DnD-Almiraj-BunnycornThe bunnycorns are Almiraj, highly intelligent magical rabbits capable of using the Move Earth cantrip. One of the Almairaj is the familiar of the young wizard Velt the Fickle. Velt has enlisted the aid of the Almairaj to gather all the eggs they can find. If the party is quick enough, they will find Velt is busily using the Prestidigitation cantrip to color the eggs and the Almairaj are hiding the eggs all over the grounds of the local orphanage. 

Any farmer questioned about the events will tell a very similar story, “I heard a commotion in my chicken cope and went out to see what all the ruckus was about. When I got there, my chickens were all off their nests. All the eggs were gone. I saw a flash of fur as some kind of bunny-unicorn dived in the ground. I tried to catch it, but the hole just disappeared. Strangest thing I ever seen.”

Nature, survival, and investigation checks can be used to track the Almiraj for a short distance. Because they travel deep under ground, characters will only get a general direction of travel from any single location.

By investigating at least three locations, the characters will discover the Almiraj tunnels all point toward the local orphanage.


Dyson has a good, and more importantly free, map of a mid-sized town he calls Seevers Mill.

Mike Schley has some really well designed small town maps available. I like the Harken map for this adventure. Location 8 on the map makes a good location for the orphanage. You can pick up this one for as little as $2.

You can find more about the bunnycorns (Almiraj) in another of my blog posts:

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Download Velt The Fickle Human Wizard Character Sheet

Getting Started

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