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Santa's Avenger Great Sword

Holliday Adventure – Revenge of Krampus

A Christmas Themed, Family-Friendly D&D Adventure This adventure is intended for 1 to 5 characters. The encounters are designed for 3rd to 5th level characters; however they can scale for up to 15th level characters. This adventure relies heavily on exploration, role-playing, and problem-solving and has several opportunities for combat.

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Role Playing With Kids

My wife and I have two kids of our own and we regularly invite their friends and neighborhood kids to play at our home. When it comes to roll playing games (RPGs) like Dungeons & Dragons, our kids could not be more different, but engaging them both in the game is very important…

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Get Started Here

Most kids will jump at the opportunity to “play pretend” with their parents, siblings and friends. Dungeons and Dragons provides a framework, a ready made world and a lot of fuel for the imagination. The challenge for both parents and children are the huge volumes filled with rules and charts. That is where DMing Dad can help.

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Family Friendly Modules

I understand how difficult it is to wade through the official Dungeons & Dragons published adventure modules looking for kid appropriate content. For the most part, I either use the maps and throw out the adventure text entirely or substantially rewrite their content… Read more…